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Fellowship of the Gamer Girls

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(no subject) [Sep. 15th, 2006|10:13 am]
Fellowship of the Gamer Girls

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(no subject) [May. 21st, 2006|07:21 pm]
Fellowship of the Gamer Girls

[mood |relaxedrelaxed]

Hi! I'm Sarah and I've played video games for as long as I can remember.

I like Animal Crossing, the Sims, all Harvest Moon games, Fire Emblem, Legend of Zelda, the Final Fantasy series, Golden Sun, Tales Of Symphonia, Kingdom Hearts, Soul Calibur 2 and 3, Mario games, and Tony Hawk games, because I can't skateboard in real life ;D

I'm glad I found this community, the only gamers I know in real life are guys. Cool guys, but still guys.
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(no subject) [May. 14th, 2006|04:21 pm]
Fellowship of the Gamer Girls

Hi I hope that it's all right to post this here, if not then just delete it. My friends and I have recently started a Suikoden RP on LJ and are looking for some players to join.

Gensosuikoden: Gathering Chaos
Suikoden (I - IV, Gaiden, Tactics) Fandom
Applications -

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n00bie [Aug. 27th, 2005|11:26 am]
Fellowship of the Gamer Girls

hey!  :: waves like an idiot ::

I can't believe that there's this many gaming girls and I didn't know about it..::looks down out of embarrassment..::

^-^  Well, I loooooove the Harvest Moon games (any console..as long as it's playable) and just about..any game..I'm obsessed!!

Ok..too much rambling ^-^

Harvest Moon Rocks!!


BTW..if anyone has any questions on the GBC harvest moons, n64 ones, ps,ps2, gba, or gcn harvest moons, I have answers!  and if I don't have answers..I'll find someone who will

:: smiles ::

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(no subject) [Aug. 15th, 2005|06:35 pm]
Fellowship of the Gamer Girls

[mood |excitedexcited]
[music |Bedouin Soundclash]

Hi there. I'm new and crap. Love gaming!!! It seems that there are many new games coming out this fall and winter. I'm just wondering what games you can't wait for? Here's my list:

- Rhapsodia (PS2)
- FF 12 (PS2)
- Dirge of Cerberus: FF 7 (PS2)
- Legend of Zelda: Princess of The Twilight (GC)
- We Love Katamari (PS2)
- Soul Calibur 3 (PS2)
- Shadow Hearts 3 (PS2)
- Kingdom Hearts 2 (PS2)

Also, yay for this community. I don't know any girl gamers in real life.
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NEW! :D [Aug. 2nd, 2005|08:59 pm]
Fellowship of the Gamer Girls
[mood |excitedexcited]
[music |Yasashii Gogo//DNAngel]


I'm Akumi. Lover of video games. My all time favorites are Full Metal Alchemist: The Crimson Elixer, DDR, Harvest Moon (all games), Legend of Zelda (swooon), Halo, Crazy Taxi, Animal Crossing, Splinter Cell, Mario (Power) Tennis, Super Smash Brother's Melee, and Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. Those are only SOME though...when I talk about vidoe games, I tend to rant.

Just about all of my friends are lovers of video games, so I hope I'll make some friends here too! I'm really excited to be here!
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(no subject) [Jun. 11th, 2005|05:50 am]
Fellowship of the Gamer Girls

[mood |amused Sleep Deprived :D]
[music |Diablopop - 8 O'Clock Lasers <3]

Mwah, I'm new!

*stands up in front of everyone*
Hi, my name is Mish.
And...I'm a girl gamer! *throws her face into her palms and fake cries*

Well..Hm, some of my fave games are Halo(one and two), Legend Of Mana, Threads Of Fate, DDR, Return To Castle Wolfenstieneeeee, Chrono Cross, aaannddd...other stuff. XD
And three top arcade games: Manx TT Superbike (crotch-rocket racing game..whee!) Area 51 and DDR -^___^-

My secret games to play:
Rhapsody and Tail Concerto and Tomba
Hahah, sometimes when I tell people that I like those two games they just stare at me. X3
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New person! [Jun. 7th, 2005|07:40 pm]
Fellowship of the Gamer Girls

[mood |mellowmellow]
[music |watching TV]

Hi-hi! I'm new to this community. I think it's great that there'd and LJ community dedicated to gamer girls! XD

Um...my favorite video games are Super Mario World (SNES), the Mario sports game series, the Harvest Moon series, as well as various Capcom and SNK 2-D fighting games. (By the way, my picture is an edit a friend made for me. The originalsprite is of Pupa from SNK's Rage of the Dragons)

I'm so excited about the new Nintendo Revolution! ^_^
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(no subject) [Mar. 12th, 2005|03:14 pm]
Fellowship of the Gamer Girls

[mood |amusedamused]

Hey there, I'm Fairy Friend, and I found this community when I was looking for some HM friends. :P Well, anyway, the video games I play are Harvest Moon (FoMT is the best!), Golden Sun, lots of the Mario games, and I also have played some Pikmin. I've got many more on my list, but I don't wanna flood the page. ^^ Just thought I'd give a warm welcome!

~Fairy Friend
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My first post! [Jan. 11th, 2005|01:12 pm]
Fellowship of the Gamer Girls

[mood |amusedHehehe!]
[music |Inuyasha 3rd season ending theme!]

I joined this mainly because I saw sarady had joined. But I love all of the FF games, even though 10 and 10.5 were a bit dumpy. I love Harvest Moon, Kingdom Hearts, the Sims & Sims 2, and the Myst series (which I think is only for computers?). I also like 1942 and the original Doom, but does anyone else really play those anymore? Um. I will stop rambling now.

I am excited to be here! ^_^
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